Tottenham completed the re-signing of Robbie Keane today to join Jermaine Defoe and Pascal Chimbonda as players who have gone back to Spurs in the January transfer window.

After  a largely disappointing 6 month spell at Liverpool, Robbie Keane has returned to White Hart Lane for £12 million pounds and with Chimbonda lasting around 6 months at Sunderland and Defoe almost a year at Portsmouth, the reunion of Tottenham old boys makes a complete mockery of the transfer system.

The signing of ex players is fine by me depending on the time length between the two spells,  but I feel there should be some kind of transfer ban or rule against players joining clubs they left after such short spells. The players should give their new clubs a real chance and be loyal to that club, instead of the club that decided to cash in on them 6 months earlier. Although, it is Tottenham who have cashed in on Keane, making around £8million profit after selling Keane for £20 million.

There seems to be more of a loyalty to managers than to clubs in this footballing era as Defoe went back to Tottenham to work with Harry Redknapp once again who had coached him at West Ham and Portsmouth before he too jumped shipped and joined the Tottenham revolution. This is the same with El-Hadji Diouf who has left the Sunderland after a short 6 month spell to re-unite with Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce, who was his manager at Bolton Wanderers. Diouf joined Sunderland when Roy Keane was the manager and revealed he was happy to join Sunderland and signed a four year contract!

I think a transfer ban, or a rule against players moving after 6 months or a year as it just creates a total lack of respect for the contracts which many of the players earn substantial wages. Players should be loyal to their new clubs and new managers who pay their wages and to the people who pay to see and support them whilst following their clubs. The supporters of football deserve more from the players, a sense of loyalty and appreciation for them coming out in times of financial crisis and still spending money to support players, who it can be argued are very much over paid.

So with Keane, Chimbonda and Defoe back at Spurs, when are Sheringham, Ferdinand and Linekar coming out of retirement to don the white shirt of North London?