So the time has finally come for Ronaldo to swap Manchester for Madrid, the time has finally come for Real Madrid to start their second galacticos era, the time has finally come for football to get out of control.

Football has always been a passion of mine, whatever the standard, i love to watch. But with Ronaldo’s ludicrously expensive transfer bid from Real Madrid being accepted I am starting to feel that football is a playground for the rich businessmen and no longer for the fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best players I will ever see, an absolute genius with a ball at his feet and an asset to any team. But is he worth £80 million? Is anybody?

There’s no doubt Manchester United will now go and bring 2, maybe 3, world class players to thrill the Old Trafford faithful next season, but as many cry “Ronaldo cannot be replaced” I think he can. His brilliance is only matched by his petulance. He’s probably played his best football for United, a player that doesn’t want to play for his current club won’t perform to his best ability and as Fergie has shown in the past, when a player thinks he bigger than the club then they’re out. With Ronaldo’s display of disrespect after being subbed in the Manchester derby this year and his desire to leave United even after winning the Champions League in 2009, I think it’s best for both Ronaldo and Manchester United to part ways. United will make nearly £70 million in profit and Ronaldo will get to go to Spain and no doubt play his best football and really battle with Lionel Messi for the tag of world’s best player.

£80 million is a ludicrous amount of money for one player, especially as Real Madrid have now spent a huge £136 million on two players this summer. I’m sure their over-spending will continue, I’m sure Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City etc will spend massive sums of money in the next couple of weeks, I’m not sure football will ever be the same again.