July 2009

I started playing around with Dreamweaver CS4 this week (from a trial I downloaded from Adobe), and I actually quite enjoyed the world of web design even though I found it completely frustrating and time consuming (well this might be because I have been following an online guide step by step and I’d much rather just guess my way and learn by my mistakes, perhaps that’s my male ‘I don’t need any help’ instinct coming through! But then again, it would  probably would’ve taken a lot longer considering it’s quite a complex programme to use!

The programme is good fun though, seeing your webpage grow and build as you go along has a certain level of satisfaction and is something that I will continue to play around with and hopefully improve on in the future! I’m sure I’ll get quicker at it and find it easier to do the basics and then start with more advanced stuff, providing I have enough time to dedicate to it!

Considering we live in such an internet driven world (which is only going to become more internet orientated in the future) it’s a good thing to get involved in this media form and understand it more. I know I used Dreamweaver back in my school years of 2000-2005, albeit briefly, so I hope it’s still part of the curriculum or at least something the younger generations have access to at school as I think it would be a highly useful tool for many young students and an asset to understand how the internet and in particular html code/format works!


So I got back to England last week after a week in the beautiful Sorrento, Italy. This was my first trip to Italy and I wouldn’t hesistate to go back. I stayed in a family run hotel, The Grand Hermitage Hotel, and it was a fantastic little hotel with a nice pool area and as it was quite high up the mountains (being just outside of Sorrento) the views were breathtaking.

Obviously I enjoyed the things Italy is most famous for, the coffee, the food, the wine and mostly the ice cream! I’ve never seen such a variety of flavours (and of course my girlfriend and I made it our duty to try as many as we could.) From watermelon to kinder bueno we weren’t disappointed and took great delight in visiting the gelateria after a usually massive dinner!! So I fully recommend a visit to the gelateria Bougainvillea along Corso Italia if you are ever in Sorrento! As well as this I fully recommend a visit to Taverna Azzurra at Marina Grande as the food there is simply delicious (especially the farfalle al salmone – salmon pasta), a place to definetly visit if you enjoy seafood!

A day trip to the island of Capri is a must if you’re visiting this area of Italy, we went on the Thomas Cook tour and although it seems a bit pricey at 73 euros, I felt the trip justified the price. Our tour guide was an Italian chap called Sandro who gave us an excellent insight into the island and showed us the things to do and not to do!! The chairlifts in Anacapri provided fantastic views and the boat trip around the whole island is something i’d very much recommend. As well as this Capri plays host to many designer shops, a very pricey way to shop (or just look if you’re a poor student like yours truly!!)

The only thing that let this holiday down was the chaos that was created when we arrived at Naples airport for the journey home. The flight to Naples from Gatwick  was well organised, easy, relaxing and even left enough time for a coffee before strolling to board the flight. However, Naples airport was horrendous, we queued outside the airport with other coaches for around 45 minutes before going round to a different section of the airport altogether! So we were behind schedule and hoping that checking our bags in would be a quick affair, how wrong could we be! One of the desks wasn’t working properly so this took a very long time and as you would expect produced a queue of angry Brits and crying children…chaos! We eventually boarded our flight 15 minutes before it was due to leave, not quite the relaxed journey we had the other end, Gatwick is a sanctuary compared to this airport!

Although the return journey was organised chaos I wouldn’t let this put me off visiting the island again as I thoroughly enjoyed my week in Italy and as it was a country I have wanted to visit for quite some time now, I wasn’t disappointed. Unfortunately I seem to have caught the travelling bug and am now desperate to go away again so I shall be spending even more time serving coffee at Starbucks to try and fund this!!

P.s. if you’re looking for books to read on holiday, Anthony Kiedis’ autobiography ‘Scar Tissue’ was a fascinating read about the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s front man’s drug filled life as was Sir Bobby Charlton’s ‘My England Years‘. If you have a passion for both music and football like me then I would suggest either of these which I picked up in Tesco for a total of about £6!