I started playing around with Dreamweaver CS4 this week (from a trial I downloaded from Adobe), and I actually quite enjoyed the world of web design even though I found it completely frustrating and time consuming (well this might be because I have been following an online guide step by step and I’d much rather just guess my way and learn by my mistakes, perhaps that’s my male ‘I don’t need any help’ instinct coming through! But then again, it would  probably would’ve taken a lot longer considering it’s quite a complex programme to use!

The programme is good fun though, seeing your webpage grow and build as you go along has a certain level of satisfaction and is something that I will continue to play around with and hopefully improve on in the future! I’m sure I’ll get quicker at it and find it easier to do the basics and then start with more advanced stuff, providing I have enough time to dedicate to it!

Considering we live in such an internet driven world (which is only going to become more internet orientated in the future) it’s a good thing to get involved in this media form and understand it more. I know I used Dreamweaver back in my school years of 2000-2005, albeit briefly, so I hope it’s still part of the curriculum or at least something the younger generations have access to at school as I think it would be a highly useful tool for many young students and an asset to understand how the internet and in particular html code/format works!