I recently spent two weeks on work experience at my local newspaper, The Southern Daily Echo. I was worked on the sports desk and found it merely wet my appetite to become a sports journalist.

I was giving quite a few tasks to work on, mainly to do with local cricket and found some success in this as in the two weeks i had 10/11 articles published which was fantastic. The buzz you get from seeing your first byline I’ve heard so much about finally arrived. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a journalist for two weeks (making it even harder to go back to the  world of part time work with Starbucks!) The responsibilities I had to hand in copy for the cricket reviews on a Monday were fantastic, and in return I had four articles published the next day. I am going to continue doing the cricket reviews for the Echo for the remaining weeks of the season, working from home, and I’m looking forward to building my portfolio further.

So the buzz has finally arrived and I am looking forward to, hopefully, many more!