Everybody wrote them off, everybody mocked them, everybody slammed their lack of ambition, everybody branded them a selling club. How do Arsenal respond? With a 6-1 thrashing of one of the Premier League’s better sides Everton.

Now, I’m not an Arsenal fan, in fact my team doesn’t play in the Premier League but watching Arsenal’s performance yesterday was fantastic. The young gunners proved to everybody that trusting Wenger was the best decision the board, the fans and the players could do. Arshavin, Eduardo, Vermaelen, Denilson, Bendtner and most importantly Fabregas all proved their worth yesterday with Fabregas perhaps signalling his commitment and intent to Arsenal’s cause this season.

Lke the Arsenal squad, the season is young,  it is early days, but a very impressive opening day for Arsenal may have done enough to silence some of their critics and on a day were Adebayor and Toure impressed for their new club Manchester City, the Arsenal boys proved that their squad is capable without them.

Whether or not they can produce this type of performance throughout the season and more importantly against Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and ermm Manchester City remains to be seen but on this performance faith has been a little more than restored in Arsene Wenger and his magic hat.