This Sunday marks my return to Sunday League football and my debut into men’s football. The last time I played eleven a-side was around two years ago when I played one season for Ice Sports at Under 18 level and then due to work commitments and the fact Ice Sports didn’t carry on I never made the transition into the men’s age group (basically over 18’s with a few 16 year olds with more talent than the other 21 players on the pitch!)

Anyway, this Sunday I am going to be playing my first pre season friendly for Winchester O’neills and to say i’m eager is a an understatement. If the weather carries on as it is I’ll get to wear my new Adidas Predators in a competitive game and so far they have served me well in one training session and a kick around with some mates. If the sun comes out I have my Total 90’s to turn out in on firm ground which also haven’t caused me any problems in a couple of sessions. The only good thing to come out of this wet summer is that I’ve been able to test out my Predator’s which would usually have to wait until winter so it’s wet enough!!

I’m unsure what to expect, a very physical game I would imagine so hopefully all the gym work will pay off and I’ll be able to compete more in the physical side of the game. I’ve enjoyed the training sessions and we have a decent side with some players with real quality so hopefully we’ll get the result…


The Predator…




Friday Night, 3 guys, few beers, ultimately leads onto football. Who was the best, best teams, ultimate skill, tricks, goals etc. This then led on for me and my 2 housemates to discuss a worlds eleven from our generation. This then led on to produce a world’s eleven between us, then when we found we had left out too many players we opted for a home and away 11 plus 5 subs!! The rules were simple, pick who you wanted from our generation and that player would be judged on his prime, for example if you picked Ronaldinho it would be from those amazing years at Barcelona. Formations don’t count. Best 11 playing in suitable positions.


Here’s what we came up with:



Cafu                    Cannavaro                          Maldini                   R.Carlos


Beckham                     Vieira                        Zidane                       Giggs


                           Ronaldo                                    Henry

Subs: Kahn,Nesta, Roy Keane, Ronaldinho, Cantona




Thuram             Adams                  Desailly                A.Cole


Figo              Gerrard                   Gascoigne            Rivaldo


                           Raul                       Del Piero

Subs: Buffon, Davids, Stam, Bergkamp, Shearer




Here’s an honorary mention for players we wanted to include but just couldn’t:

Ruud Van Nistelrooy,


Davor Suker,

Pavel Nedved,

Christian Vieri,

Gabriel Batistuta,


Patrick Kluivert.

The List could go on. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi haven’t been included because we’ve picked players who had their peak and were amazing. Ronaldo, Messi and Kaka by right deserve to be in a side of best 11 in the world at the moment, but this is more of a list for consistently brilliant players over our generation.


So, I handed in my final assignment at University today and am now set for about 3 months off. So i decided to think of things that I wanted to embrace and really enjoy for the whole summer. The reason for this is that with so much time off I think it’s a good opportunity before my third year of University to have some fun and enjoy things before I get hit with all the work that comes with being a third year student!

Here’s my list:

1) My Blog – I plan to kick start my blog again and think that this is the perfect time to do so as I can keep writing whilst I’m off Uni and aim to do 2/3 entries a week, at least!

2) My Sports Blog at www.sportsnewsliveuk.co.uk. I have been writing a sports blog/column on this new  sports website for a month or two now and have been really enjoying it. It has big ambitions to become one of the leading sports websites around so it’s a great experience for me and I hope I can put some good work on the site!

3)My Xbox – Now this may seem like a massive waste of time to some people (except for hardcore gamers!!) I’m not a hardcore gamer by any sense of the word, but I’ve had my Xbox since December 2008 and haven’t really had much time to play it because of having uni work to do, so I plan to give it the attention it deserves!!

4) New Music – I’ve been getting into some new music recently, mainly British bands. I went to see My Vitriol (who were incredible by the way!) a week or so ago and picked up 2 new bands I liked from the support, Burn The Fleet (http://www.myspace.com/burnthefleetband)  and The Xcerts (http://www.myspace.com/thexcerts). The Xcerts especially were fantastic and I really liked the lead singers vocals as you could still hear his Scottish accent coming through which I really enjoyed. Through their myspace pages I got into two bands off of Walnut Tree Records – Portman(http://www.myspace.com/portmanuk) and Waiting for Sirens (http://www.myspace.com/waitingforsirens). Portman’s debut album is£1 off of the Walnut Tree Records site and includes 13 tracks and is a great debut album which I haven’t stopped listening to, so a complete bargain! The Waiting for Sirens 5 track EP was also £1 and again is fantastic. The Excerts, Portman and Waiting for Sirens CD’s have been in my CD player for weeks now and the only reason Burn the Fleet hasn’t been is because their EP is sold out!! So i think this period of time off will be a good chance to get into some more up and coming bands! Check out the bands I mentioned on their myspaces!

5) The Gym! I’ve been going to the gym for a fair few months now but haven’t been as often as I’d have liked because of uni and part time work commitments, so with 3 months off I’m going to draw up a programme and make myself look like one of the blokes out of Men’s Health magazine, well something like that anyway!! 

6) Politics – Most people would view this as a boring way to spend some of my summer but I’d like to learn and understand a bit more about politics and political issues etc, so I intend to learn some more!

That’s pretty much it for now, however as number 1 says I intend to keep this blog up to date! So I will be writing again soon! In the mean time, check out my football blog at www.sportsnewsliveuk.co.uk , I will have a new blog posted up this Wednesday!

Tottenham completed the re-signing of Robbie Keane today to join Jermaine Defoe and Pascal Chimbonda as players who have gone back to Spurs in the January transfer window.

After  a largely disappointing 6 month spell at Liverpool, Robbie Keane has returned to White Hart Lane for £12 million pounds and with Chimbonda lasting around 6 months at Sunderland and Defoe almost a year at Portsmouth, the reunion of Tottenham old boys makes a complete mockery of the transfer system.

The signing of ex players is fine by me depending on the time length between the two spells,  but I feel there should be some kind of transfer ban or rule against players joining clubs they left after such short spells. The players should give their new clubs a real chance and be loyal to that club, instead of the club that decided to cash in on them 6 months earlier. Although, it is Tottenham who have cashed in on Keane, making around £8million profit after selling Keane for £20 million.

There seems to be more of a loyalty to managers than to clubs in this footballing era as Defoe went back to Tottenham to work with Harry Redknapp once again who had coached him at West Ham and Portsmouth before he too jumped shipped and joined the Tottenham revolution. This is the same with El-Hadji Diouf who has left the Sunderland after a short 6 month spell to re-unite with Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce, who was his manager at Bolton Wanderers. Diouf joined Sunderland when Roy Keane was the manager and revealed he was happy to join Sunderland and signed a four year contract!

I think a transfer ban, or a rule against players moving after 6 months or a year as it just creates a total lack of respect for the contracts which many of the players earn substantial wages. Players should be loyal to their new clubs and new managers who pay their wages and to the people who pay to see and support them whilst following their clubs. The supporters of football deserve more from the players, a sense of loyalty and appreciation for them coming out in times of financial crisis and still spending money to support players, who it can be argued are very much over paid.

So with Keane, Chimbonda and Defoe back at Spurs, when are Sheringham, Ferdinand and Linekar coming out of retirement to don the white shirt of North London?

A.F.C Totton have been crowned the champions of the Sydenhams Wessex Premier League 07/08.

With one game left to play against second place VTFC, Totton have won the league by quite a margin.

This is great news for the club, who have made real progress in recent times. The Stags finished runners up of the F.A. Vase trophy at the new Wembley.

Exciting times for the ever improving Totton team who are going to the next league with silverware. Congratulations A.F.C Totton!

The MP for New forest east is conservative Julian Lewis. He was first elected in 1997 and then again in 2001 and 2005 with increased majority. He voted strongly against equal gay rights, strongly against the hunting ban, strongly against labour’s anti terrorism laws, however voted strongly for the Iraq war. He is the shadow defence minister with responsibility for the Royal Navy. From September 2004 until May 2005 he served as the Shadow Minister for the cabinet office, undertaking special projects in the run-up to general election.

He was awarded a doctorate in 1981 from Oxford where he studied Strategic Studies. His website is http://www.julianlewis.net/index.php

Julian Lewis MP on HMS Invincible